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Hi guys!


I am a total newb and no where near the level of all you great audiophiles.  Can you make a rec?  I'd like to get some in-ear buds that create an experience similar to my SR60 headphones.  I have a budget of about $100. 


My music listening habits, in case it helps:

About 15 years ago, I bought a pair of really nice Polk Audio speakers. They are amazing, and my music sounds incredible on them, but since I rarely had time to sit in my living room for an hour and listen to an album in front of them now that I'm older, I searched for a good pair of headphones a few years ago.  I ended up on here and decided to buy a pair of Grado SR60s, which have completely rocked my world.  I love them.  They make music come alive.  They are crisp, the music is vibrant, I get decent bass, etc. But now I am even more mobile than I was before, with a crazy lifestyle and want an easy to wear in-ear for good listening while walking etc.  I hate listening to the oem $15 fake ipod earbuds that I've been using.  The distortion and muddiness hurts my soul.  Please help a girl out. I want to create the experience of listening to my SR60 headphones, in an in ear.  I recently bought the monoprice cheap ones, which were GREAT on indie, but they were terrible on pop or anything with bass.  I listen to a wide range of stuff, from indie to pop to hip hop.  My most listened to stuff is probably Andrew Bird, Cat Power, Jack Johnson, MIA and JayZ. 


Please help!  I want to add them to my xmas wishlist.