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Earphone help!!!

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Hi there, this is my first post so here it goes:)


I am planning on getting a new earphone for my daily music dosage but i am having some difficulties choosing between brands.


1) Etymotic HF5

2) Shure SE215

3) Westone 1

4) Westone UM1

5) Ultimate Ears 700


These are the few I've shortlisted so far. i am currently using the UE600 and am loving it:) not so much of an audiophile person. I just like good quality music:) Any comments will be greatly appreciated:) thanks!!

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List your music and sound preferences and that would prolly get you more useful answers.
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i prefer a earpiece that is more towards detailed sounds. I listen to symphonic metal, pop, rock. Not too bass heavy:) 

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Meelectronics A161P could be your best bet.


Check its review in this thread :


And comparision List according to |Joker| :


Its the best all-round IEM around 100$. Great accessory kit, comfortable fit with good isolation, mic design as well as the IEM itself is flashy and sleek.


Its not bass heavy too, check out the other points in the review there..

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