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Ie's for mom

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I'm planning on getting my mom some IE headphones for christmas but i know absolutely NOTHING about any IE brands or quality. ill be buying them off ebay(probably) so any names or brands under 100$ would be nice. She listens to soft rock, sometimes greenday, and what else im not sure, shes 40 so if anyone out there knows what else is possible suggest accordingly.



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Hi jonah

You could possibly look at Monster Turbine from amazon which come with excellent packaging giving a real 'gift' feel to them. They sound pretty good to for those genre's you mentioned. Or for a slightly cheaper but still great sounding IEM take a look at SoundMAGIC E10.
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Maybe a pair of shure se215? The new blue one looks good. They are pretty comfortable and sounds good.

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You can check earphone solutions. They have several iems around $100 and they are on 25% off during the thanksgiving with promo code.

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