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I mean sub-bass vibration. I think you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find any song with which the ES10 is over-crowded in low frequency. It's not bass-deficient by any means, but the overall sound of the ES10 is still clean and lean with more midrange emphasis. I don't know how to best describe it, but if you have heard a DT880, then the ES10 sounds essentially like that... with more forward midrange, a bit less treble energy, and a more closed soundstage.

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I see, thank you very, very much for your assistance!! I cannot stress how much I appreciate it!
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No prob!


And I'm not saying all that to make the ES10 "sound" better than it actually is, by the way.


The Denon DX000s are perfectly valid and competitive alternatives to ES10. If you value a larger soundstage, and more residual sub bass, then the Denons are still far better at those angles than the ES10.

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So, would you say that the ES10 has more midbass impact vs the Denons'?
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No. It has about the same amount of impact as the Denons in my opinions. And that's quite something. The Denon DX000s have probably some of the most powerful bass impact in their price range.

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I sold my Denon D5000's and I love the ATH-ES10.  Just for the record I think the ATH-ES10 has tighter and nicer quality bass.  However it's not the 50Hz sub-bass kind if that's what you're after.



I listened to Tonight by Joe.  Uh yeah, the ATH-ES10 sounds excellent here, I don't know, I think you might be disappointed by the slight lack of sub-bass though.


If you want a nice sub-bass headphone with nice vocals and highs in that order, part of me is saying check out the -deleted-


Hmm, then there are IEM's which will... wait...


--- fetching IEM ---



Lol, OK I listened to that song again, Tonight by Joe.  Trust me I know what you want, it's the JVC FXD80.  That IEM destroys the ES10 and Denon's in sub-bass impact and quality, I'm not even kidding, at all, either!

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I know of JVC's newer in ears, as I actually own the HA-FX101, and I considered those exact IEMs before, yet I'm wanting a fullsize headphone. How would you compare those JVCs to both the DX000s and ES10?
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Well the D5000 is much more refined and musical, the ES10 is, well I've written a lot about it in the ES10 thread.


As an IEM, the FXD80 has a more intimate presentation, and the FXD80 sub-bass and 10kHz spike are quite intense.  It suits RnB and vocals if you can handle it's flow.

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I see, I'm not the biggest fan of an intimate presentation, but it does sound like something to definitely check out if I can find some spare money. The D5000 is sounding like the best option.
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The D5000 is not very good for portable use, since it's rather unwieldly and leaks sound.

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Honestly, portability isn't much of a factor, 90% of my listening will be done in my dorm room. I will go to the library and such, but that's just about the limit of portability that I mentioned.
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Ah OK I see then. =)


I've only heard the D5000, people say the D2000 has tighter bass, and that they sound very similar.  If the price difference is significant go for the D2000. =)


The Denon Dx000 series is a pretty safe investment, not many people dislike them that's for sure.  Look at the amazon reviews of the D5000 lol.

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Yeah they are well favored...however, the biggest problem I'm facing is finding them at a decent price...

I've actually been reading the opposite regarding the D2000 and the D5000, saying the D5000 has tighter bass than the D2000.
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