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So, I've had it for a few years and loved it, but I hated the Pleather ear pads, just got some HD555 replacement pads and I fell in love with them.


I've been using my Speaker set for a long time now due to for some reason I feel uncomfortable with headphones on. I can't quite explain it, but I feel like I am suffocating / out of breath with head phones on, and I feel pressure building in my head. is there anything to that, or is it all mental? Funny thing is, most reviews claim the headset is to loose and needs a headband to tighten, but I feel it's too tight.



They feel alot better with the new velour pads, but I also feel like sound escapes / gets in easier, with the pleather, I used to eb unable to hear my fan in my room with them on, now I hear it very easily. Not sure if that's good or bad.


I have an A/V Receiver now though, and I connect it over HDMI to my GPU. I have a sound card as well, but it has no Headphone Amp or anything. My A/V Receiver's headphone jack doesn't fit, though I realize I could buy an Adapter. A/V Receiver doesn't have Dolby Headphone. It could only do Stereo / Virtual. I imagine Virtual doesn't sound too hot. Plus, no MIC jack, so I'd have to buy some kinda extension cable for that...


However, my sound card, I imagine I could use just for the headset. It has CMSS3D, which does sound awesome. Lately I've been playing alot more MP games, so I need my headset(to use mic), a simple desk mic won't do, because way to much noise from my surround sound, be hard to hear. Plus, more awkward somewhat.


I'm open to the idea of a new headset as well, though I really don't want to if it's going to be much more expensive. I know PC350 are basically HD555 with a clip on Mic, so I can't imagine to big of an upgrade waiting out there without spending 200$+


I know about the Heero mod for them, but I am still frighted to try it, thinking I will screw my headset up beyond repair. I'm also interested in perhaps buying a cheap amp for my headset, for increased clarity. I understand that it's a 150Ohm headset, and my Soundcard, Creative X-Fi Titanium Professional has no amp. Don't feel like buying a new sound card, either, though.




Was thinking something nice and cheap, like this:


But I was wondering if it would be enough, and what adapters would I need? Thanks.