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Monoprice Gaming headphones

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Hi all, I'm new to the forum but have been lurking for a long time.

I'm in the market for a Dolby decoder and didn't want to spend too much on what's available.

I own a pair of Sennheiser HD595 and would rather game with those than with the Sony Wireless PS3 headset.

Browsing through monoprice.com I noticed that they will be launching this new headset package within the next month.


7.1 Dolby Digital Amplified Gaming Headset for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC - BLACK


Seems like a very reasonable alternative to some of the other options.

I'm interested in everything but the headset, but for the price, I'd take it.

I spoke with one of their reps and he wasn't sure if they would be selling the DAC on it's own, but fingers crossed.

I've had plenty of experience dealing with monoprice but I have never purchased headphones from them.

Any opinions?

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I'm going to guess at the price of $86 dollars, it's a good value.

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Seconded. They look like another great monoprice product.
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Monoprice making gaming headphones. I would never have expected that.

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Guess I'll hold off and wait for these to be available instead of buying a decoder.

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Originally Posted by Scarfather View Post

Guess I'll hold off and wait for these to be available instead of buying a decoder.

What decoder box were you looking at?

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Originally Posted by lubczyk View Post

What decoder box were you looking at?

I was about to purchase a used Turtle Beach Dss1 for $30.
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You know as much as I hate the DSS for its lack of voice control and amount of background hiss, I say 30 bucks is a steal for it.

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Seems like someone is willing to part with their Astro Mixamp for $75.
Would it be worth it to go with that?
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Pulled the plug and just purchased the Astro.
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Just pulled the trigger on these from Amazon.  Don't really have anything to compare to, but will still give an update w/ pics of whats included when I try em out.

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Just got these in the mail.  Seems like a pretty good deal for a DAC and Headset.  Works well (though I hear some static hiss when no sound is coming).  Here's the set:


The HPs are actually semi-open: they have a grill on part of the cups that leaks sound.  You can take off the boom mic and put on a smaller one for voice calls through your phone.  The HPs have a standard 3.5mm jack that plugs into an adaptor cable ending in a 6 pin connection that goes into the DAC.  the total length allow for approx 9ish feet between the Xbox/system and your seat.


HPs were comfortable so far: not too much clamping for me, but not super loose either.


Note: for Xbox 360 if using a HDMI cable to connect the back you do need a separate adaptor for the sound.


Used in to watch some movies and play some COD black ops 2, and while I haven't gotten used to it yet the sound is impactful.  Working on trying to get used to positioning.  Will update after some more impressions after a bit more play time.

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Wow! An offical headset that is open? Other than the Sennheiser PC 360, I don't know of any other semi-open headsets. I've got a feeling that these are going to be a great deal. I was either of just ordering 2 pc 360s and 2 astro mixamps, but these might satisfy the criteria for hundreds less


How's the hiss on the Monoprice mixamp?

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so, when there's no sound you definately hear it (like when I'm on the Xbox menu).  However, in game or while watching a movie I don't notice it at all.  Again, I think I'll wait for a week of usage before making a recommendation on it, though the first two days have been positive for me.

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So these look like a bargain compared to the higher priced ones.

Have you tried with a different set of headphones?

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