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For Sale or Trade: Shure 204 'Buds + Case

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For Sale or Trade:
Shure 204 'Buds + Case

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I picked these up at a secondhand store during recent travels.  I'm not an earbud user, so I'm offering them to someone who is.  I checked the Shure website, and these do not seem to be in current production.  You get the black, round, zippered case (says "Shure") which is in excellent condition.  You get the phones themselves, and I'm not too hot at posting pix, so I'll just describe them:


I assume it's a model #, as the number "204" is featured on the 1/4 inch stereo plug


46 inches of cord from plug to divider block


another 14 inches of wire from divider block to phones, with adjuster


the individual phones are one side clear, one side clear/smoked, indicating L/R, but I don't know which is which, but that should be easy to determine


the foam is salmon-colored, and probably needs to be cleaned, condition is good


Overall, I can't say anything bad about these, both channels work, but I didn't listen long enough to evaluate the SQ.  The drivers are clean inside and out, as is the case.


Make me an offer of cash or gear on these.  Photos are possible.  I'm not on this site every day, so an e-mail is preferable:  lazshort@yahoo.com 

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