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For Sale: SM3/SM2/AH-D2000/B2/Hf3 selloff

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For Sale:
SM3/SM2/AH-D2000/B2/Hf3 selloff

Will Ship To: US

Hi guys. Getting too much gear and it's taking up space. All items are pristine, like new. SM2's have seen the most use, others very little (NIB in case of HF3).


Prices are inclusive of shipping/tracking in CONUS, paypal fees etc. But they are reasonable for the condition of the items, not entertaining lowball offers. All items are definitely worth asking price.


Earsonics SM3- $310, barely used, scared to take them out of the house, either these or the SM2's can leave but not both, one sells the other is gone as well. SOLD THANK YOU !


Earsonics SM2 -$215. Excellent headhones, currently have an aftermarket cable, I think I have a braided JH audio cable if you prefer.  SM3 SOLD SO THESE ARE GONE AS WELL !


Brainwavz B2- $110. used maybe twice


Denon- AH-D2000, $200 awesome, just don't use them SOLD THANK YOU !


Etymotic HF3- NIB $100 Sold Thank you !


Let me know if you're interested, all boxes included, foreign shipping possible if you're willing to pay the $50 UPS fees.



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PM sent for Denon- AH-D2000


EDIT: Darn they were already sold, gunna go get me some $30 Panasonic RP-HTF600-S for now until I figure something out...What an awesome price that was for the D2000...

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Can you say for how much did you sell the AH-D2000

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It sold for what I asked

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