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Hello there

This is my first post after looking through the forums and after checking out some information and reading a few posts and articles, I think I am ready to buy some better quality headphones.

On the recommendation of Gary from Electric Avenues, I just bought the Koss Porta Pros to get me started as they are inexpensive and look to offer affordable quality. I plugged them into my Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch and was surprised at the quality of sound, but not so much with my Galaxy S3 phone, and researching through the forum I now understand why thats likely. So then I plugged them into the set up listed at the title here, and enjoyed the sound but I am pretty sure I am not getting the most out of the source components, especially the AR turntable.

BTW all the music on my tab and phone are flac files.

So here is my question:

How do I match headphones to source to get the most out of the headphone without buying something thats too good (for want of a better term) for the TT or CDP? And at the other end that is not good enough (perhaps the Porta Pros) for the source?


There are not too many places nearby that I can buy headphones, or rather, that sell a varied range of hp's that I can try so I am likely to have to buy online, use return policies and just eat the shipping (the cost of learning I guess), so I want to be pretty sure I have narrowed my choices down to perhaps 3 or 4  and then start trying them.

I have the following in my list

Ultrasone Pro 900 (I put these in the list because I am interested in the surround sound output)


AKG K702

Maybe Sennheiser but I am being put off them because they (I believe) have had a quality drop since I bought my (now lost) pair in the 1980's.

My son suggested Denon but I have yet to check them out.

I am not a fan of booming bass and do listen to all my music with all controls flat.


Your thoughts on my choices and your suggestions on others would be appreciated.