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Electronic dance/pop music from Europe is not something new.If we do a search some years back,we can see interesting productions coming from Europe.


Although electronic music existed before the 80's,electronic dance/pop music started to become very popular in the early eighties.Europe had some very nice electronic disco productions back then,especially from Italy but from other countries too (Italo and Euro Disco etc).These styles were influenced from other music styles of course (earlier electronic synthesizer music or other electronic styles from 80's).This music had some simple,catchy and emotional melodies,and of course,nice beats.80's Italo/Euro Disco etc,was quite popular in European disco's/clubs.

European artists/bands continued producing nice dance music in the 90's (Euro Dance),that was popular in Europe dance clubs.


Lately,Romania has some interesting and nice electronic dance music productions.This music became very popular in European Countries over the last 4-5 years,when some artists like Akcent,Edward Maya,Inna had some nice songs that had big success in Europe night clubs,radio etc.


These electronic dance songs have a distinctive sound to them,combining some typical house/dance electronic beats,with some synth/tab,"pop corn" like sounds and some "accordion" like sounds that are used many times in these songs too.Of course this is not always the case with these songs,there is a variety of electronic sounds,depending on the song each time,with some being more mainstream/pop,other have some traditional Romanian sounds,some others are a bit different etc.Sometimes vocals sounds a bit weird,and lyrics don't make sense,something that was the case in some 80's Italo/euro disco songs,too.


I personally find this music style quite unique,and I also find it a bit magical in it's own way.It's easy electronic dance music to listen to,with some nice atmosphere/feeling to it,and some nice beats and electronic sounds.They can have a summer like,light style,to a more underground feeling,but always with a distinctive touch to their sound,which make them unique and attractive.


So,in this thread I'm gonna post Romanian electronic dance songs that I like.Of course you can also post your favorite songs too.


If you post a song here,I would appreciate if you write the artist and the title of the song,so if someone want to search something,it will be easier to find.Also,please post only music that is from Romania or anything that is close to this sound (Moldova for example also has some similar electronic dance productions)


And one last thing I wanna say:If a member want to post songs,I think it would be better to post 1 song per day,so this thread will not become crowded quickly,and it will be easy to follow...


So...enjoy the music... ;-)



Nya - All The Time