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Bob Carver Black Magic 20

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This might interest you guys:




"On a lark, I decided to make up a 1/4″ stereo jack to banana plug adapter and drove my Etymonic ER-4S in-ear headphones from the speaker terminals. The Etymonic ER-4S are a high impedance design requiring watts rather than milliwatts to drive properly. The Black Magic 20 did a remarkable job as a headphone amplifier. The noise floor was very low and the dynamics outstanding. Bob Carver could add icing to the cake by providing a headphone jack on the front panel. There’s an empty spot calling out for one on the right. And lest you think I’m crazy, my mastering instructor uses a Bryston power amp for his headphones, and he has over 200 gold and platinum records and 10 Grammys to his credit."


There is a picture of the adapter he made up. Seems like a nice way to use this amp. Does anyone here have it?

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Lovely amp. The author made the cable himself, it's basically 4x banana plugs into a female 1/4" headphone jack. Join the negatives.

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Somebody should ask him what headphones does the mastering instructor uses.  My bet is a ortho, I mean what HE-6 comes to mind. 

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cool.  I had Carver i series amps in my accord in the late 80s when I was competing in IASCA events.

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