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Sorry to revive a dead thread but I just wanted to put some input as to which amp to take... So far at first when receiving my E17  was extremely unsatisfied with it as it carried a VERY neutral tone... Not sure what it is with the E10 but the tuning on that thing makes music come ALIVE just straight out of the box with plenty of body and depth that you can feel and almost touch.... After a few hours of toying with the E17 I almost gave up total hope but then after adjusting the EQ on my laptop I realized I could mimic the E10s sound signature... Boy when I did that the E17 kicked some MAJOR BUTT!!!!  The depth, richer, deeper... golden... The bass... so clean and fast paced... sooo Engaging!!! Final thoughts is that if you want a good amp get the E17 because the power difference although small, has some great effects.  The E17 has a very neutral sound signature stock whereas the E10 has a very "fun" sound signature.  Its very hard to describe but you can mimic the E10s with the E17 and get even BETTER results if you are willing to play with the onboard EQ the E17 carries and pair it with a computerized EQ at the same time to get the desired sound signature you desire.  By all means the E10 is very good but the E17 is Better...  (^_^) Also please don't forget to play with the E17s gain as well as I feel it expands sound stage by a lot on the E17 where with 6 db or 0 db gain makes everything sound lifeless... 


*just to note not sure if its the E10s sound signature or if its just how much black is between notes... the imaging effects stock on the E10 are pretty intense... but can be matched or even better with the E17

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Haha, thanks but this thread is pretty old, I'm now happy with my E10 (can't really say I notice much of a difference though :p)

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nice post

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