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After reluctantly buying into audiophilia, I noticed the difference. My ears are untrained and insensitive, but I hear the tightness of quality audio nonetheless.


I am looking into four headphone amp solutions. Two contain DACs, two are standard amps.


I have two high quality CD players (but no CDs), an AC '97 based laptop, and an iPad 2.


My headphones include SR-80is (possessing a grattle that will soon be dealt with), a pair of Sony MDR-V6s, some Thinksound Rains (whose sound is wonderfully non-fatiguing but loses its sparkle with amplification), and a pair of NuForce 700s.


The two DACs could increase audio quality output from my laptop, but would the Little Dot be a better long term investment? If it would be, how could I use it with my current equipment effectively?


(I am considering the cMoy amp as a budget option should the others be unappealing. I also like the idea of having a tube amp. I've sampled a few and found the warmth quite charming. And yes, I know the Little Dot is not "portable." But I would still travel with it.)


I am reluctantly leaning towards the iBasso D Zero, as it fills two roles. It has a quality sound signature and good build quality (with a mildly forward treble) according to reviews, and shines as a DAC. Headphone amplification would be secondary: anything would improve upon my Fiio E6.


I welcome your advice.