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It's summer now, and I am still enjoying my headphones. So far the earpads are still in great condition. No wears at all. Since it is very hot (day and night), would it affect the life of the earpads due to warm temperature changes? I hear the earpads don't last very long and I don't know why.

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Glad to hear you're still enjoying your headphones.


I cannot tell you if temperature changes affect the earpads' life time, but since their material is not very resistant, you have to be very careful with them. For example, try not to put them on if you're not well shaved, because a one or two days beard will gradually damage them.

When you'll see tiny black spots on your cheeks or on your white shirt, that will mean that the ear pads are be beginning to slightly disintegrate. I still have original Sony ear pads on one of my CD3000 pairs, and they begin doing so, as they did on my old CD1000.

If you want to keep your CD3000 in very good condition, always put them back in their box when you don't use them, avoid direct sunlight on them, try not to touch the headband, don't ever place them on a varnished piece of furniture to avoid chemical reaction, ...


I've tried to find someone who could make new earpads with comfortable real leather (just like those of the MDR R10), but I haven't found anyone yet. Don't know if I'll ever find someone for that.

Anyway, you can buy some good replacement ear pads from ebay, like these ones for example :



Have a good time with your headphones !

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Thanks Bush!

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Hi Folks,


I am in the process or resurrecting my CD3000s I purchased back in 1992.  When I opened the storage box up, I was met with a sticky mess of degraded foam headband, ear pads, etc.  I decided to try and replace the headband myself and went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a 3" x 9" section of soft lambskin, some thin black leather lacing, and a 4-hole miniature punch to make some holes for lacing.  I decided to install the leather right over the top of the old headband material and that was a good idea IMHO.  The headband came out very nicely and, next, I tackled the spring loaded headband "tensioner" that had also turned to mush.  I laminated two very thin pieces of leather, one "belting" leather and one of soft goatskin and sandwiched the small "u-shaped" pieces of metal in which the spring attach.  Accomplished to my satisfaction as well.


I decided I didn't have the talent to manufacture ear pads myself and was lucky enough to land on a pair of leather/memory foam replacements available on Amazon.


Now the headphones look and feel very good.  Firing them up, however, was less than completely satisfactory.  There was some buzzing with low frequencies, first in the left phone that ultimately migrated to dead center in the stereo image on my head.  The buzzing would almost go away as the headphones were used so I decided to go inside and investigate.  When I removed the plastic cups containing the drivers, I was met, yet again, with more decomposing foam.  The foam that had lined the black acoustically transparent cloth protecting the drivers was also gone.  Hoping beyond hope that this foam was vibrating and was the culprit, I carefully removed and vacuumed the failed foam from both ear pieces.  I fired the headphones back up yes, the buzzing was gone and the full range sound of the bio-cellulose speakers sprang to life!


I am a very happy camper and still think these phones are some of the absolute best!

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Great job !!!

Did you take any photos you could show us to help those who have the same problems, and feel bold enough to do the same thing ?

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Hi Bush,


Unfortunately I wasn't thinking when I did the repair so I do not have any pictures.  I will, however, be glad to answer any and all questions that anyone my have.  If I go into the phones again, I will be certain to take some pictures.


For me, the most difficult part was returning the spring bars to their home after replacing the tensioning band with the new leather one.

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