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Help me choose a headphone!

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Hello Head-fi community!


This is my first post, so I'm pretty excited.


I need your help on deciding which headphones to get.

Here are some of the qualities I value from most to least:


1. Sound Quality

2. Price (Under ~$300)

3. Design (I like simple, clean designs)

4. DJ-oriented



Through my somewhat extensive research, I have came up with the following list of headphones

in no particular order:


1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50

2. Pioneer HDJ 2000  (I love the black version. HDJ 1500's are okay as well)

3. AKG K167 (Mostly for its design, plus Tiesto is one of my biggest inspirations. But you know

    how overpriced artist-endorsed headphones are...)



For now, I'm leaning towards Audio-Technica's ATH-M50's, due to their incredible value and sound quality

from the reviews. However, I do wish they were designed more like the HDJ 2000's or K167's.


Please help me decide from one of the listed headphones, or feel free to introduce me to a new one.


Thank you!

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Crossfade V-MOda M100 or the V-moda LP2 .

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Could you provide me some reasoning behind your recommendations?


My friend actually owns an LP2, and I personally disliked its design.

I also found it a bit on the heavy side.

But the sound was great on them, I just don't see myself buying one due to the two drawbacks

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The bought a V-moda M80 before for $160 (On ear)  and the sound signature blew the Beats Mixr out of the water for $80 less. 


I cannot imagine the M-100 sound signature alone, (more treble extension/bass from M-80) that is the best bang for the buck! 2 year warranty and 50% off after.  Built like a tank!  Made in USA and Val (CEO)  is a member here.  =)

I prefer the M-100 Matte Black finsh with an orange wire.  Unfortunately, I cancelled my pre-order M-100 for a Grado PS500S. =)

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Perhaps K181DJ or HD25 will fit your criteria

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