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Hi everyone. I've joined this forum because I'm stumped: no sound is coming from my speakers!


I've recently moved to the US from Australia. I have a Yamaha Micro sound system (MCR-E810SL) which is currently plugged into to the outlet with a simple wall adapter. The Australian model runs 220v 50Hz. The amp works (powers on) and I can plug my headphones in ( Audio Technica ATH-AD900) and hear music perfectly. However the speakers will not produce any sound.


Is it possible the unit has enough power to work, but not enough to drive the speakers? 


I'm considering a step up/down converter but wanted to make sure this will solve the problem before purchasing. For what it's worth, I also have a Pioneer A-777 amp which powers on but no sound comes from the headphones or speakers. It is possible that the Yamaha speakers were damaged in the move (the A-777 also), but I figured if anything would survive rough handling it'd be the speakers with no real moving parts.


What do you think?

Thanks in advance for any insights :)