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For Sale:
Ultrasone HFI-2400 S-Logic OBO + Free Shipping

Will Ship To: CONUS, extra for international

Hello guys,


I am selling my last open headphone. These headphones are a few months old, but the amount of hours on my head is about 50 hours + around 25 hours burn in. I have taken really good care of theses and there are no scratches. The metal plating on the sides are still very shiny and look as if they were just opened. The padding is more comfy than when I first got them because they are broken in, but they are NOT worn out and still very firm and soft; before they felt like rocks.



Overall condition: 5/5 stars




Item comes with:


   -  HFI-2400 Headphone

   -  Original Box

   -  Short Auxiliary cable

   -  Long Auxiliary cable 

   -  Soft Velvet case

   -  Demo Cd

   -  Manual



+ Free Shipping



Reasons for selling: I am moving on back to IEMs. I need portable sound and I missed the intimacy of IEMs. =)

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