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Would love to have the Ultrasone demo CD that used to be so popular, recently got into the headphone craze and I'm wanting to experience those tracks asap! Would be willing to buy the cd for sure, or a loss-less copy of it if anyone has it!


Current set-up is AKG-K702 Cans

Bellari HA540 HP Amp

Audioengine D1 24bit DAC

enough pa stuff to shake a stick at...


Have a bunch of various Sony's laying around but the resolving power of the AKG's really suits my musical taste, currently they are still being burnt in and after 24 hours of rigorous playing, I can hear the difference, They have warmed up and flattened at, Bass extension is still not what I was hoping for but I have plenty of eq's that should be more than capable of fixing that issue. As they are now, on a standard run of the mill 2/3 octave eq I only have to pull 1dB @ 5.2kHz and add 5dB @ 36Hz and 1dB @ 62Hz and 2dB of 18kHz to have them ridiculously flat. I'm going to roll some tubes as I feel the current generic china tube may be less than optimum. Gonna try the EH and a Sovtec as both seem to be what I'm needing based on seemingly educated reviews.


I'm an audiophile by nature, even my vehicle systems have always been hi-fi setups, and 8 out of 10 have had subharmonic f3's currently my in car f3 is 18Hz with extension northward to 28KHz all class A/B Zed power... looking to get even more performance for my listening pleasure.