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Another R10 scam on ebay

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These Sony R10 have been sold 4 days ago and are still for sale today :




In 2 days, they have travelled from Greece to France during the week-end (did you known french postmen worked on sunday ?).

They have been sold for 5200 GBP and are now for sale for 2800 euros : less than half the price.

Same photos than the previous sale.

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I think there's another scam on ebay :



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I think it's that one :




Don(t you think so ?

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So so tempting. Zero feedback makes me think it is too good to be true. It is def. the same pics. used from the head-fi ad, that's for sure. Ebay seller your on here, which you should be if you own an r10, shoot me a pm. I will give you way more than what ebay is offering you now. Why did you have to show me that?!:p

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Originally Posted by Bush View Post

I think it's that one :




Don(t you think so ?

Yes, same picture.

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I know but damn that price. If it is for real someone is getting the deal of the year.... too good to be true....too good to be true...

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It's just the current bid, there's over a day to go so the price will go up.
I'm not sure why anyone would attempt to purchase an MDR-R10 online from a 0 feedback seller though.


And headphones like this got history (how did you get them?)  and a serial number, not revealing either coupled with 0 feedback makes me think you'd have a better chance of throwing that money away at the casino. ;)

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My dream is that I'm walking through a flea market, and we have some fairly big ones here in New Jersey, and finding some person selling off a relatives stuff. Right in the middle of various piles of nick knacks and other assorted used cheap goods is a crate of the rarest and most expensive headphones ever. Price on crate $10 for the box. 




I would think my dream has a greater chance of happening than the high bidder actually getting a pair of R10"s!


Actually if I were to die suddenly, I can see my spouse getting rid of my headphones exactly as in my dream :eek: !!

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Can someone in the states please call ebay to report this scam?


He doesn't stop at just one victim...he continues to send replies to those who had contacted him.  see his email...hopefully on one falls for it. 


"hi, friend, very sorry, because I have paypal account limit, the payment has a full refund if you still need,
You can choose paypal account directly payments.
I will use my friend's paypal account. Thanks
paypal email : zellaetp hotmail

- 86yz3hen"


ebay item # 321234627988

Seller ID # 86yz3hen

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Yeah and he or she did not respond to my email which offered allot of money and local pickup. If he or she was selling an r10 for real I would imagine that they would jump all over local pick up. If I get time I will report this to ebay.

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