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Originally Posted by Kingwa View Post

The matter is Mr. Sai take the gear out of workshop for shipping but forgot shipping and report a wrong track number  (was another customer bough the NFB11.32)  to Mr.Luke and my Mgr.

Mr. Sai want to follow all track number until customers receive the goods but he simply have not do well on this , and I have not discover the matter until today .


I am sorry for this worst experience of Mr. Luke .

Now We have find your gear and which way you like we do either as follow :

1, Shipping the original gear within today .

2, Exchange a NFB15.32 and shipping at tomorrow .

3, Full return your money .


Since today I will follow all cases until I find another mate can follow the proper service .


I hope "Mr. Sai" finds a good job that does not involve tracking numbers. wink.gif

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Thanks for the heads up, I will keep this in mind.

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Still have not email response from Mr. Luke .

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Originally Posted by Kingwa View Post

Still have not email response from Mr. Luke .


I did respond on Friday morning via email and said exchange for NFB15.32.


I think "Mr. Sai" has blocked me from your email servers as emails do not seem to be getting to you (they used to work OK), please do the following.


2, Exchange a NFB15.32 and shipping at tomorrow.


Please confirm you understand my request regarding shipment of the replacement?



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So what's going on?   Any hope?

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Dear Luke,
The pack have arrive your local, DHL have delivery but fail, please contact DHL and ask them delivery again.

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Kingwa, I applaud your handling of all of this after you became aware of it. But it is a case of "one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch"! The one incompetent employee of yours put a small stain on the company as a whole. But I applaud you for making things right. Especially giving the buyer multiple options to resolve the matter.

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Has there been a satisfactory outcome to your catalogue of disappointment? Do tell.





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Final Threaded Audio-GD.jpg 1,689k .jpg file




Hello All,


Sorry for the delay in the response. Finally my replacement arrived, this has been one long drawn out saga and been very frustrating at times. I almost gave up at one stage as I was getting no responses at all but I think this forum post brought some attention to this issue.


So to recap I sent the amp which arrived at Audio-GD on the 16th August 2012 as confirmed by their staff and was finally sent back on the 11th December 2012, quite a long turn around if you ask me. I have attached a jpg of the email chain that went back and forth when trying to resolve this issue. If you take a look at this take note of the dates between emails and responses.


I feel a bit let down by Kingwa as he was copied in and involved in many of the emails that went back and forth. Surely he would have wondered what was going on between Mr Sai and an unhappy customer. I will say it again, this has been my worst experience in dealing with a company ever. It is unfortunate that the kit broke and led to this else my opinion of Audio-GD would be different. Paying a "cheaper" price for equipment does not allow this sort of behaviour by a manufacturer.


This thread was created to give others an insight into support after purchase for someone purchasing Audio-GD equipment. In the end the equipment was replaced but it took a good few months and many painful emails. Your correspondence and experience may be different but this was mine.



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