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For Sale: FS: Silver Metal Headphone Stand

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For Sale:
FS: Silver Metal Headphone Stand

Will Ship To: Cont. U.S.

For sale: Silver headphone stand.  I sold my HE-500's, so have an extra stand that I don't need.


When I purchased this, it was advertised as "Apple Store Metal Headphone Stand" - I honestly don't know if Apple ever used these, so don't let that sway you one way or the other.  smile.gif  But I haven't seen another one like it, so it's somewhat unique (I think).  It was purchased as new/never used, but there are a couple of dings that either happened when they were stored by PO or during shipping (will get to these later).


As you can see, it has a brushed metal base and smooth metal post/platform where the headphones sit.  It seems like it has some cable management provisions on the bottom as there are channels leading in all directions, but not really sure about that and never used that option.


The top "platform" where the cans sit is flat and measures 9/16" wide and 1 3/4" deep.  For my three cans I used it with, this relatively small area never presented any issues.  The DT880's were light and I never noticed any impressions left in headband, the HD650's have a notch in the center anyway where this sets and they're also light cans (see picture with HD650), and the Hifiman cans have the memory foam on the headband underside (and are heavier) so immediately after you lift them off, there's some impression which goes away due to memory foam (see picture with HE-5LE's sitting on stand).


You'll see in the pictures that there's not a ton of clearance between where the cords come out of the cans and the base of the stand - ideally there would be another inch or so, but as you can see with both Hifiman and HD650 cases, there's no pressure directly applied to the connection area so I never had a concern with this.


There are a couple of imperfections - a ding on the right front corner of base - looks like it might have been dropped on this corner at some point, as well as a scratch in the same area.  Then on the left side of the vertical post, there's some scuffing/dinging on the back left edge.  That's a little harder to see in the pictures.  So if you want 100% pristine, these aren't for you.  Given the location of the dings though, I never really noticed them in daily usage unless I was looking for them.


They weigh about 1.5lbs (just stand by itself).


Am asking $35 (which is what I paid), plus Paypal fees (unless you want to gift it) and actual shipping charges.



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