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Hi everyone!




I have been a passive observer for some time on the forums, and after saving up and finding quite a bargain on the l1, I now have space in the budget for a portable amp!


As it is a fairly low impedance and my sources generally do not have any issues with the volume so I guess I don’t really need an amp to increase the volume, but it rather would be to increase the sq.



My source is at the moment an iPhone 4 with an old iPod shuffle on the side. I intend to get a Sansa Clip+/Zip after the holidays.


With regard to a DAC, it is not a priority as I would in general listen on the go or when I am moving around the apartment. But in the future it could prove useful.


But as I haven’t tried the Sansa Clip before I do not know if I even would benefit from an amplifier.



Would I benefit from using an amp?

Which low budget amp aprox $120 would pair the best with the L1’s?


Any sort of clarification with regard to the subjet is appreciated! 


Thanks in advance!