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Looking for Better Sound Quality

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I juts changed jobs recently and will be spending more time with music on while I work (office setting). My first DAP was an iRiver H120 (loved it until it died) and since then I have been mainly an Apple guy (once I updated all my digital music in iTunes, it seemed to make sense to stay with Appled products). I have a classic 120, 16Gb Nano and 64Gb touch that I use with all my music recorded at 256 VBR MP3. I use Sennheiser HD428's with my iPods.


Now that I am spending more time with my music, I know there has to be better SQ out there. I have been reading through these forums the last couple of days and now have a better idea of what's out there and I now have some questions:


1) Looking to get a Cowon - wanted to go cheaper at first just to see what they are like - I can get an iAudio9 for $130 or an iAudio10 for $140 - would either be better (both are 16Gb)? I only care about playing music.

2) I am debating a 8Gb Clip+ and Rockboxing it - seems cheap to try at $54

3) I was looking at headphones upgrades - in particular the Audio Technica ATHM50 - only $113 online - would these be a solid improvement over the Senn's I have?

4) FLAC or OGG - I'm guessing I would need to re-rip my audio files (I own all of them on CD so I can re-rip them) - suggestions on settings to rip them for better quality?


Any suggestions you guys could offer would be most appreciated. Thanks!!!!

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Keep iPod, install rockbox and use FLAC, or keep apple firmware and use ALAC, then get an amp + LOD, M50 has bloated bass and quite sharp highs, probably not a great upgrade, was not impressed. Look at the Shure SRH840.

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One lesson I have learnt is alway,always rip to WAV, then keep that as the master, and covert to flac,mp3 etc from that for portable use. Then again I am not at all fussy about tags
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I ended up ordering the ATH-M50's for $112 - seemed like a good price for them - the 840's were still $150+ (checked eBay also).


I will probably try the Apple lossless first and see how it sounds...


I am still interested in ordering a Cowon player just to try one - the iAudio 9 is still $130 but the iAudio 10 is now $150. Is the newer 10 worth the extra $20?

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Cowons a decent brand I have an S9 I use a lot, you could also consider the Cowon C2 which can be pick up for $105. mircosd expandable, same jet effects 3.0 / 50 hours for music. But really...if you want to leave the mainstream players look at something like Colorfly C3 an audiophile focused player. It will run your ATH-M50 without a problem.

Here's our thread on C3. http://www.head-fi.org/t/625893/review-colorfly-c3
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