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Connect PC to Receiver Denon 365r

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Hope you can help me with this dilema here.

I found a used Denon 365r receiver for 55dollars, it's in perfect condiction with remote control. Since this model must be more than 10years old, it don't have all the inputs, like hdmi, spidf, etc, only RCA.

I'm thinking in buying it, but I don't know what would be the best/budget way to connect it to my pc, I have a USB Emu 0202 DAC, I would probabbly connect the Denon to my Emu 0202, but it wouldn't be limited by the sound quality of my dac? 

There is a way to connect it almost directly to my pc?


Best regards

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As your receiver doesn't have any digital inputs, it has no DAC. You have to run analog out from some other device.


So yes. The quality of the sound coming from your receiver will be related to the quality of your DAC. 

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