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I'm new here so please go easy on me.  I know these headphones have some opposition when I was looking for user reviews of these headphones, but I need a good reliable set of headphones for about $100-$150.  I currently have a Xonar DS, but I'm selling it to a friend 'cause he needs the high quality sound card and all the ports so I'll be using a Xonar DG.  I mainly play games and listen to some music (I really like music though).  I'm not necessarily much of a bass head, but I like at least a little bit of bass to give the tracks some strength.  I mainly listen to classical and video game music (please don't criticize me as currently too many people in my life have attacked me on this) which is kinda peppy and is mainly either rock or more classical (sometimes both).  Do you guys think the AD700 is a good set of headphones for me?  I'm always open to equalizing a bit.

Thanks ^^

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Well since they'd be a dual purpose headphone, I wouldn't recommend the ad700 though for the price you can't recommend a better headphone for gaming. Have you checked out Really helpful stuff there
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