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Tunable Earphones List with reviews links, graphs, and short summary.

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Hi guys,


I believe there should be more tunable earphones. I should summarize it for purchasing tunable earphone guide . So don't mind the price and leave some comments about the tunable earphone you know. Much appreciate.










---------------The project all comes from the wanting to have a tunable earphone----------


I am new here and looking for some advice.

I am looking for some tunable IEM for bang of bucks under $150. It's somehow not easy to find review of this kind of IEM even here.


The tuning part is to fit different genres. I got Meeltronic SP51 ($42~), DUNU Tai Chi ($127~), and  Senn's IE 80 ($289~)on my list.


And Why bothering search for a quality tunable earphone? I think it should be a steal to buy only one earphone but actually you got two. And not to mention you don't need to carry two earphones while you want to listen to different genres lol.



SP51  :


Tried but not pleased with the sound at all. (Not recommended to buy IMO, for $15 maybe I will think about it cool.gif )


DUNU Tai Chi :


DUNU is rather a new brand and have some quality product. About Tai Chi, I only read two reviews, and it has great quality in the price range. It seems good for me so far.





IE 80 :


Vocal centric model with fun listening experience. Decent bass and great clarity.


(out of my budget QQ)

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Phonak with different filters.

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I vote Dunu, I also reviewed them, search dunu tai chi 2 birds with one stone to find my review
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You can try Xears XPA2Pro. The best part is that the filters have a really massive effect on sound, not just subtle. Also they're pretty fine overall and can be had for 43 euros with the code so if you don't like them, they can be resold with just a tiny cost hit. Also I want some other people to have them to compare notes...

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Forgot to reserve lol


List of tunable earphones


SP51                             $ 43




Conclusion by smallville


These two new IEMs from MEEletronics are a bargain for its price. The SP51 would fit people listening to bass-heavy music, but other music sound just as good. The A151 would be my recommendation of the two though. It excels in every category except for bass quantity. The A151 is well built, sound great, and is well priced. You can’t go wrong with either product. MEElectronics is a great company with great customer service and you will never feel neglected by their services. I recommend both their products and their company.



DUNU DN-19 Tai Chi       $ 127







by Ishcabible


Overall, the Tai-Chi has proven to be my favorite sub $150 IEM, despite my predisposed ideas of them. Like I noted early in the review, the laid-back sound signature of the Tai-Chi was something I initially expected to not like. However, their smoothness has bewitched me. Despite their faults, I can listen with the Tai-Chi for hours and not feel any fatigue. If I could ask for anything though, I'd love if DUNU could squeeze in just a little more midrange. I like my vocals. However, for about $120, I'm quite hard-pressed to recommend against these. They've surpassed my two most recently reviewed $150 IEMs with ease, and are more comfortable to boot. While these have only managed to whet my appetite for a laid back sound, I'm liking what I'm hearing. If DUNU can do this with a $120 IEM, I can't even imagine what a high-end IEM would sound like. In merely two years, they've managed to, in my opinion, take both the $50 section and the $150 section with ease.




IE 80                             $ 288~






Phonak PFE series         $ 79 ~ 179








Xear XPA2Pro                 $ 68~  with code


Only some thoughts in this thread.




Hippo VB                       $ 79




Reivew by swimsonny


These are basshead earphones with a slight V shaped signature. These actually have a very similar sound than the more expensive Final Audio Design Adagio III and to think they come with more customizable sound and more accessories that are rather impressive. If you want an earphone that can deliver bass that is huge, deep and pounds you head then these are my recommendation. I am also still gob smacked by how clear the mids maintain to be.


I have found a new bass reference, which I am happy about and think that these are an absolute steal to be had so if you want bass, do not go spend hundreds of pounds in the hope you get the bass you crave but invest a measly 50 pounds on these from Jaben with a guarantee that the bass will meet your needs!


XePort 5010                   $ 29





review by ItsMeHere


In Conclusion, these are a great set of IEMs, especially for bassheads. I liked the 3010 better than the 5010, but it's probably because of the kind of sound which I prefer. Again, in ratio to their price, they're absolutely awesome. My overall score is 9/10.


Pros: Great sound in ratio to their price, pretty bassy, comfortable, Isolation is pretty good for a venting IEM, changeable bass ports.


Cons: may be too bassy for some people, laid back treble.


(Hippo VB, Meelec SP51 and XePort all seems share the same shell)



Accutone Taurus   (not found on Amazon and eBay)




Written By Cholo Isungga


"wow… the bass on the Accutone Taurus is much more full bodied, impactful and deep than the two bass kings of in-ear earphones, the Fischer Audio Eterna and Hippo VB! I was surprised at how much the Accutone Taurus had this much bass power! The bass does bleed to the mid and high ranges, but it does not distort the highs and disrupts the mids much."


From the review It also mention need EQ to maximize the performance. Therefore, better to have a player with EQ.



By Celios

Accutone Taurus  ($60)
"The headset turns headphone manufacturer Accutone has its first crack on bass tunable IEM with the Taurus. The overall impression on sound is quite positive, especially for a $60 IEM. However, the overall build quality still has room for improvement. The bass tuning mechanism certainly can be more delicate. But for $60 on a bass tunable IEM can actually work, the Taurus is still quite remarkable in its own right."

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Thanks guys for quick reply. 

A little bit comment or price would be excellent.

BTW I find myself busy searching for suitable review and price XD.

It takes some time. Now I heartly admire the multiple comparison reviewers. atsmile.gif

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There's also Hippo VB, which people report to be pretty good, and XePort 5010, which is crap. Hippo VB, Meelec SP51 and XePort all share the same shell.

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I have tried many of them. I would get Dunu or Phonak but swaying to Phonak. 3 sounds.
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Thanks PMAP and Swimsonny for the information.


So Another low C/P product from Meeletronic. SP51 and XePort 5010


Now DUNU Tai Chi and Phonak get another vote.



BTW Swimsonny, Could you tell us how's the Phonak compare to Tai Chi? except the 2 sounds and 3 sounds.


Also Phonak should have 3 series and which one you choose to compare with? Appreciate very much.

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With Phonak, everything but the 232 have the same drivers.


The 012 come with Green bass filters

The 112 and 132 come with black v shaped filters and grey reference filters. The other numbers just indicate colours, accessories and microphones.


I think the Phonak is better, smoother more detailed although Dunu has more sub bass extension.

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Update some review should include some picture later.

Any other tunable earphone on the market? Would be much appreciate if you name any, thanks.

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Sennheiser also has the CX985 with tip-based sound tuning. Ishcabible and I have both reviewed them. They're $9 above your budget though. tongue.gif
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I don't think they can count, all IEM change slightly with tips and many include more than one type.
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Your all forgetting a tunable IEM that i am listening to right now and impressed by. Accutone Taurus!

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Originally Posted by kjk1281 View Post

Sennheiser also has the CX985 with tip-based sound tuning. Ishcabible and I have both reviewed them. They're $9 above your budget though. tongue.gif

Thanks for your advise but I agree with Swimsonny. The effect might be prominent somehow, however, many company including different shape tips already lol. 


Originally Posted by Swimsonny View Post

I don't think they can count, all IEM change slightly with tips and many include more than one type.
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