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People should listen to headphones if they can before purchasing them as everyone has different tastes.  To me the Shures sound "tinny" and have way too much high end.  My PSB's have the perfect amount of roll-off etc.  If I EQ the high end up at all I get fatigued.  However, the music player and quality of the source have a bearing on this. 

I do not doubt this authors sincerity  or ears.  I am just saying that we all have different tastes and perceptions.  To me the PSBs have very very good detail at all ranges, highs and lows.  One of the things I like the most about the PSB's is the bass which, while tunes slightly up, is very precise and does not bleed over into the mids.  It allows for great detail in the bass.  As for accuracy in recording, musicians and anyone who goes to live performances knows that bass tends to carry and be very pronounced in most venues.  That is just the nature of long wave length sound waves at any distance from the source.

As frequently stated in this forum: YMMM.   My advise is to read through many reviews from various sources and then make an informed decision based on your musical tastes.  Try to listen to the phones in person before choosing.
I think might actually keep the PSB's, if there is one thing they do REALLY well, it's definitely for gaming.

I play BF4 and Blacklight Retribution, both of these games sound AMAZING on this headphone. The immersion, details, and ambiance is great.
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They are up for sale if anyone is interested.

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