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Ath-M50 vs. AKG 550 vs. Ath Pro700 MK2

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I listen to K-pop (Most of the time), Dubstep (Second Most), and Rap/Hip-hop (Not that much)


What I'm looking for ...

-Good isolation

-Balanced sound and great soundstage 

-Comfortable and Portable

-Sound source iPhone 5 and HP desktop (without an amp)

-Mainly used on a bus or in a library 


Thoughts that bothers me ...

Does the long cable for Ath-M50 and AKG 550 bother you ?

Is it really hard to get a seal for the AKG 550? (I have pretty big head)

Do the Pro700 MK2 have over powering bass ?

Do you thinks these headphones are worth the value ?


In advance, thank you to everyone who replies.

P.S. I'm sorry for so many questions and requirements. 

This is my first audiophile headphone, and I want to make sure I get the right one.

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For your musical preference I would personally recommend you the Ath-M50s, the K550 are very big and more meant to be used at home. If you have loud environmental noise around you a stronger bass response would fit you better. My K550 lose the 'punch' whenever i use mine in the bus. The long cable comes in handy at home, but for mobile use i mostly keep the biggest part tied up. The seal does play a very important role on the K550. Though i have a big head it still takes about a minute of testing for me to find the optimal fit for the best sound. Can't tell you my opinion about the Pro700 because i've never heard them before. My recommendation for your situation will definitely be the ATH-M50.
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without an amp you are better off buying iems for portable use really... i haven't tried a headphone yet that doesn't sound better with an amp(yes even the low impedence once which everyone says, can be driven without amps) and with a portable source it would be even worse... get a cheap ass 50$ fiio e11, which will drive most of the headphones you might buy...

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