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Welcoming myself to this awesome community :)

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Hi guys,

Been browsing head-fi for quite sometime but wanted to get more involved in this community! To kick things off, I just have one quick question - what do you guys think about the Fiio E7 with the HD 650's. Is the Fiio E7 enough to drive them?

PS, Happy Diwali!
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Welcome!! The short answer is no, not really. The hd650 is a real beast. The more amp you give it, the more it gives back. Try this:




e09+odac-pretty good


lyr+ bifrost-excellent 


These are my impressions anyway.



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Thanks so much Matt! In general, what do you think differentiates good amps from great amps and good DACs from great DACs? I've heard good things about Burr Brown DACs, etc...but then as you mention, there is also the variable of headphone pairing.
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In simplest terms, try to remember this. In order of importance, it's: 


1. Headphone


2. Amp


3. DAC, custom cables, earpads ect



Always start with #1 the headphone. Spend as much as you can to get the sound that you want with the headphone first. Secondly amps can make a pretty big difference. Get an amp rated to handle the power requirements of the headphones that you bought. Don't always just go for power with an amp. Dynamics, sound stage, transparency are all also important. The dac will make the smallest impact but is still import. I've found the odac to be great with most amps I've owned even high end. It's very neutral and measures well. But there are lot's of good amps and dacs out there. Figure out your budget and listen to and borrow equipment if you get the chance. Don't be afraid to buy used. You can get some great deals, especially with amps and dacs that are like new here.



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The place is full of opinions, quasi scientific attempts to explain and save the world from itself and blessed with deities of otherworldly knowledge upon whom vast leagues of followers hang on every word. It is a fun place to learn, argue, opine, crow about audio, headphones and whatnot. Sorry about your wallet.
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Lol at the wallet comment! Just purchased an Audeze LCD2...just need a decent amp/dac combo now. Do you guys have any recommendations on a DAC/AMP that has two headphone outs with independent on/off switches for each port so that I can have both the Audeze and the 650 plugged in simultaneously.

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