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Equalizing IEM's

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Is there a better way to create an equalizer curve for an IEM and headphones?  I'm sure there is, but the only thing that I can find is a "dblogic SPL meter", but it seems like it is impossible to locate a dealer.  


Can you rig something up to measure frequency response with a Behringer ecm8000 mic?  The radio shack SPL meter?  Is there an easy to use software package that will give you a tone and then you can compare it to the next octave tone?  



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For an IEM, what matters is the sound level when driving your sealed ear canal, so any open-air measurement is pretty useless for determining the response of an IEM. Unless you can get a probe mic into your canal along with the IEM sealing, there isn't much you can do.

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Thanks for the reply.  This is what I was afraid of.


I have been searching around and it looks like there's been some work that's been done in this area.  Here's the post from here...




I don't know how well it would work, but I might read more up on this...



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