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Earbud for iPhone 5?

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I am seeking for suggestions for an open-air earbud for iPhone 5.I have an HD380 and HD595 but they are too bulky to use. The white apple earbud is not comfortable enough - always slipping out of my ear...

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I had the same question a little while ago. Someone on the iem recommendation thread suggested I check out the JVC ha-fx700 but those are a bit expensive. There's the house of marley redemption song earphone which appears to be open. There's also the Yuin earbuds
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Sennheiser mx980
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You could also consider a lighter open headphone like (or virtually open):

Modded ksc75

Careful not to cause yourself hearing damage if you use them in any noisy environments. People tend to be more likely to turn up to dangerous levels in that scenario. Sorry had to put in a hearing safety plug.
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Originally Posted by PanamaHat View Post

Sennheiser mx980



As far as "earbud" style phones go, these are the best I've heard.  

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