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In Search for Alternative for Beyerdynamic T70--> Lack of Bass

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Hi all,


I have the Beyerdynamic T70 in loan use now.

I completely unlike the sound it produces on my set! (DIY TPA BIII, IVYIII with Ventus EZ headphone amps)


It is quite detailed but for the rest the sound is penetrating my head on a manner that it hurts my tooth and the sound is starving away very fast. It just falls death and above all: the complete lack of bass!!


It is just no fun to listen to music this way. I think you can immagine this :)


So where am I going to search for if I'm looking for the opposite in the range of about 600 Euro's?


I've heard that Grado also has a bit a lack of bass can this be true?


Furthermore I like a smooth, detailed, dynamic, open sound with bass..


Many thanks in advance!



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Yeap, the T70 is anemic. It's the seal. If you press the cans to your head, suddenly there's bass. But that's not something you can just fix unfortunately. It's specifically missing mid-bass in a big way and is very shy on sub-bass. So it's a very thin, anemic sound. Very similar to the Shure SRH940.




Beyer DT770

Denon D2000, D5000, D600

Ultrasone PRO 2900, PRO 2500, PRO 750, HFI 2400

Hifiman HE-400

AudioTechnica A900X

AKG K550


Very best,

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Thank you for your words!

That's exactly where I was talking about.


I'm going to take a look at the alternatives you gave me ;)





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Have you tried leather pads? It will increase bass response and isolation. B&H has these (DT770) pads that will fit.

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I just bought the Ultrasone PRO 2900 after axtensive listening between my refference the T70, Grado GS1000i, T1, Audio Technica ATH-W1000, Ultrasone PRO 900 and Hifiman HE-300.


I agree the different price ranges but I had to compare :)


The T1 sounded like the T70 but with some more bass added. I like the transperancy and quick sesponce time but I still did not experienced the bass like I hear it trough my speakers. And also, it sill hurts my tooth.

The Grado was just like having a conversation in an airplane with a cabin altitude of 8.000ft. Very loom en slow, just like there is not enough air in the room to transport the sound.

The Audio Technica was very good. A little bit sharp now and than but not worth it's money and out of my range.

I doubted the HE-300 because this one seems to be an inbetween with the T1 and PRO 900.

The PRO 900 has a very loud and agressive bass. That is why I liked the PRO 2900 some more. It is semi-open so some airpressure can escape and that is some more relaxing.


I found a lot of details and trancerancy in the HE-300. After some more listening and switching between the HE-300 and PRO 2900 I noticed that these details were also present with the 2900   if not even more accentuated by the strong mid.


So that is how I came to my choise.


The PRO 2900 is real value for money.





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You should give the HE-400 a try.  

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I agree, but I have tried the HE-500 and my system was not powerfull enough to drive this headphone. 2-3 Watt is reccommended and my system can theoretically produce 3,6 W (250mA x 15VDC) But when it came to a level when it became to sound right, it overboosted. 

Considdering this the PRO 2900 felt like a safe choice to me compared to the HE-300....

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I am eyeballing the t70s right now. 

I am not sure I 100% agree with some of the alternative listed. 

I am looking for a pair of closed back cans to compliment my m100s. 

The M100s have all the base I need and fit a the fast fun music. 

I need something, closed, that fill the other end of the spectrum. 

The Dennons are discountined. 

The HE cans are all open. 

Dt770... I have heard are simlar to the m100 but have a bad trebble spike that the m100s do not. 

The akg 550s. I have not heard them but read the bass isnt all that amazing. 


I live in Japan and can pick up the t70s for about 350 bucks new. t70s still not worth 350? Only other cans I am considering in that price range and for what I am looking for is the AT A1000X and W1000X. 

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