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I'm looking to buy some new earphones as the pair I have now, Soundmagic E10M, are beginning to fall apart after a year. They're kinda low range (£50) but I thought they sounded pretty good.

I'm not an audiophile with a golden ear, and I can't describe sound in terms of treble, mids or anything like that, so I'm not sure if it's worth splashing out on something on the more expensive end. 


I'd been looking at the Atomic Floyd HiDefDrum and only seen a couple entries on here, one of which praised them once they'd burned in and been given some foam tips. So I was looking to get those earphones with some foam tips. But now I'm wondering - are there certain types/fits of tips for different earphones? What tips should I get? (I've seen Monster SuperTips and Comply recommended)


Basically I'm asking - any recommendations up to my price point? Would I notice a considerable difference between my E10Ms and something more expensive? As for genres, I listen to mostly electronic; dubstep, breakcore, electro-house, complextro etc, most of my music is 320kbps and listened to on an iPod which brings in another point - I'd rather have something that had iPod compatible in-line controls

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated :)