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I could rarely pick out more than a few words here-and-there before I got into Hi-Fi. It's much easier since the AD700 (now moved on to the Q701's), but I still mainly listen to music for the melody. I guess it's kinda like how my beginner's photography stood out by with good composition, because I didn't get distracted by details because my eyes aren't that awesome. Other kids my age took snaps of friends and family, only interesting to themselves and eventually even they got bored of the activity, while I saw things differently and it became a kind of quest to show people something they might've missed. Once I got glasses (like good headphones), those same "cool shots" usually became amazing, though I remembered that I have to experiment and not take things too literally. In music, I can hear the lyrics, but I immerse myself in what all the musicians are doing, and hearing "more" just builds the mood and tension.

Did I mention my sleep schedule is messed up and I don't really have anything to focus my attention to? Yeah. I even sound crazy to myself XD
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She really doesn't like the VModa staple, and while those DT 1350s do seem sweet, they have one too many digits ^^

Yeah the Uptowns are an outstanding choice, and I would have got them were it not for Ben's not replying to any of my mails and their slow shipping. They wouldn't be at my brother's on time and I could only get them several months later, so ended up getting the MDR-V6s. Downsides of not looking as awesome and super comfy as the Uptowns, but then again much more portable due to the folding and  coiled cable, as well as the fancy bag. Seems more durable in the long run as well, and the inline controls in the Uptowns might have been a downside from what I hear (both from reviews and from her).

All is good, thanks everyone!

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I feel like I just won a competition, or something!
Now, I'm against taking your gift from your girlfriend or buying a gift for someone that's really for yourself, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut... If you see them laying around at some point, could you post impressions & perhaps contrast them with your canalbuds (Sennheiser CX300, right?)?

P.s. just noticed that you updated your first post. FWIH, the Sony headphones ARE really durable, the only thing is that you can't easily replace the cable (I think), but since it's coiled you probably won't roll over it with a chair.
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I've given my wife numerous headphones ... and I've stopped. She really doesn't appreciate SQ. I started with a set of ultimate ears but she prefered her samsung freebies because they fit better and were smaller. I gave her my IE8's to try and she thought they looked silly. I once put my HE500's on her to see what she thought of the sound, and all she said was "bloody hell these are heavy". Not saying that all wives/girlfriends are the same but... Just make sure they look nice thats all, possibly wif matching shoes. wink_face.gif  

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They're done, she's ecstatic about them! 

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I can see your sleep schedule is off by your semi-random descriptions :D I wish I were more into photography so I could give you my impressions though. But I get the point. Also, on the AD700s, it's one pair of headphones I craved and craved, but ended up not getting because, apart from not looking for open-back at the moment, there were some reviews completely ravaging their rep. I know there'll always be good and bad reviews, but damn did I see some extensive reviewing documenting it's complete lack of bass among other things. I guess it'd be alright for the more stringy, classical types? Either way I do plan on one day getting my hands on one of those.

And I do understand what you say, but I wouldn't be taking it away from her, much less buying it for myself. If she ends up not liking them as much as I hoped she would I might just get her something different along the road, and at most I might really like the MDR-V6 sound signature and even find myself swapping with her on occasion, but on every other aspect I much rather prefer the M50s.
Mine are the inferior CX200, and I can do that but why if I may ask? As in, matching canalbuds against full-sized headphones.




That will most likely be my fate as well :) I honestly think my GF would have been equally happy with pigglet- or carrot-shaped "cute" earphones :P (I plan on getting one of those for her along the road, should be fun)




Damn man, great job there ^^  mine really isn't a fan of pink at all, but since yours apparently is that's spot-on.

You seriously have me wishing I'd taken a similar route. Guess there's time for that next time :)


Ok so general question now, should I close the thread or let it die? New to these forums.


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You could close the thread I guess, but feel free to PM me if you start a new thread. It's been kinda fun watching your progress. The upside of not closing the thread is that there is some good info in here, and if someone else has a similar question they might find it. At least wait to close it till she gets the headphones smily_headphones1.gif

About comparing headphones, it would just be for fun, also gives you a value perspective that keeps you from going upgradeitis crazy smily_headphones1.gif It also helps you sort out what are the positive points of each, and what your personal "taste" for sound signature is.

As someone who's lived with the AD700 for almost 4 years (huh, almost as long as I've been dating MY girlfriend), I've got a decent idea of it's pluses and minuses. My overall impression of it is the AD700 is definitely an audiophile can, and an amazing performer at the price. The bass is superior to earbuds that come with MP3 players and cheapy headphones, but less presence than natural – it does, however, respond very well to EQ. They are also easy to drive, and I have not heard another headphone that surpasses or even equals it's imaging and sense of soundstage space. Inexpensive detail monsters. So... They're my pick as the pinnacle for video gaming headphones, and work amazingly well out of a surround processor such as Creative's Recon3D or the Astro Mixamp. For music... there are better choices at the same price, but the AD700 does alright. I don't reach for them every time, but I haven't been able to sell them either.

Also, I fixed my sleep schedule. Well... I wake up at 6am, but it works out alright smily_headphones1.gif
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Just bought these for my wife as a stocking filler.



Tecknica. Top of the range! They cost me £3.50 (about $5) hahaha she'll love them!

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xD I sure hope she does. Nice forum signature quote btw.



I facepalmed after I read your post, I'm obviously leaving it here since old threads are always my go-to for information. And no worries, I will PM you, been super fun for me as well ^^ 

And I will definitely be coming back whenever I can for a comparison of the three (M50 vs MDR-V6 vs CX200). Not only are my ears not that picky, but it will also be my first, so expect utter cluelessness ahah.
Thanks on the AD700 "makeshift review" xD. It's a set of cans I guess I'll always revere, at least until I get a pair myself. And the way they look, some people think it's a crime, I absolutely love it (no worries about wearing it in public, anyway, since it's open. The other day I was studying next to a guy wearing HD 555s, man the entire room was getting mad at him). I'm not sure I'm getting them, though, because I listen to a lot of genres on shuffle and, on many of them, I like to hear AND feel my bass (ok, technically it is the same, but you get it). I also do very little videogaming nowadays, so music is my top priority, which is worrysome.
(on a sidenote: Ahh, waking at 6 am... One day I'll manage to get that schedule. You don't want to know what time I woke up today xD)

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Got my tube amp properly biased, because I bought a ($5) multimeter! Enjoying "Armchair Apocrypha" by Andrew Bird, timely choice wink.gif I highly recommend it if you would like to hear a cool rock/violin mix biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by LugBug1 View Post

Just bought these for my wife as a stocking filler.



Tecknica. Top of the range! They cost me £3.50 (about $5) hahaha she'll love them!

She loves them :D  


To be fair they sound effing fabulous for $5....


Merry Xmas!  

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That sounds pretty refined but not entirely my style :) glad you got your amp sorted. I got my E10 a couple days ago so I'm pretty happy on that end too ^^ 


Damn you make me jealous! Things like that always get us wondering whether we're not just overspending for no real, substantial benefit. Oh well, happy for you (and her ^^)

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Well, it was time appropriate because of all the nervousness about the Mayan/Zombie "apocalypse."


And, just because I can (though youtube bit quality sounds so plastic and thin), here's Imitosis:

Andrew Bird - "Imitosis" - YouTube

I also recommend "Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left"


and this:

Prefuse 73 - The Only Hand To Hold


aaand this (note, you haven't really heard this song until you hear it at at least iTunes Plus quality):

Muse - Undisclosed Desires


Have you noticed any differences with using your amp?

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Hey Rosbife,

How'd she like 'em?

I also got my resource thread up and running.


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