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For Sale: ALO Low Rider LOD

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
ALO Low Rider LOD

Will Ship To: Anywhere

First off, I know I have a low post count, if anyone interested in buying would like some more proof of character, I can give them my name on other forums / ebay / skype with them if they want. 


Located in Oregon, USA. 



(Stepdance is SOLD)

I've got a 2Stepdance that is about six months old, fine condition. Love the amp but i'm going to switch to a more desktop style. I took a picture of it without the little button for volume on, because I took it off to allow the LOD to rest more easily, I have it. Running time maybe 40 hours total. 320 280 Sold shipped & paypalled. Out of USA would be different shipping. I just found out there is a new model out, and the old model price has dropped to 280, so I'll be selling this one for $Sold



The total bithead is about three years old, but was only used for about four months.100 80 60 Sold



Also, a ALO Audio Low Rider LOD. Six months old, it was just serviced for a broken connection by Ken at ALO, and I've used it once since. in terms of durability, it is essentially new. $80 70 shipped. 

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I'M in CA sorry I can only sent 2 massage

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can you read my post/?

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can you give me your skype id?mine is kyoren2009

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I bought already。。。

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You have PM

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Is this still available?

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