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Charlotte Area Meet January 20th, 2013 - Page 3

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Sorry. No can do. Have you seen the size of this amp?
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Stick with the blue. Steve has rather a pedestrian taste in feminine attire. I think you looked stunning..............just stunning.

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"I think you looked stunning..............just stunning."


You weren't so bad yourself. Pink is a great color for you as it goes so well with your complexion and your blonde wig. And that new make-up was outstanding. Your lipstick was to die for!!!


I wonder if we are all going to be barred from Head-Fi. I wouldn't blame Jude. 

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While I hate to get back to the subject at hand, if you like, you can add the CARY 303/300 as a source if you think you will need it at the meet. 


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Can't commit to going... yet... but if I do, there'll be a couple vintage receivers, a Cary Xciter DAC, a HE-6, Sony CD-3000, some random other cans, and a boxful of portable gear. If I have the time to make my antique tubed integrateds presentable, maybe one of those will come along as well.
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I might be in if it's during February.  I usually get my tax refund at the end of January and going to build a new setup.  Had to sell my old stuff off awhile back so looking to build a new setup.  Just picked up an Audio Technica A900X and I'm really digging the AT house sound so far.  May move up into their higher end stuff, either W3000ANV or the new AD2000X.


I don't think anyone brought any Audio Technica phones last meet so I'd still bring the A900X if I come, even if can't get a new setup in time.

I had the Rev. 1 LCD-2 with ALO cable at the last meet.  Sold it and then went through and sold a T1 and HE-6.


Then again, this meet could be a good opportunity to test out some other gear before blowing my tax refund.

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Hey guys. I have a line up change. I just scored a Matrix M-stage off mass drop for $165. So, I'll be selling the symetrix to make up for the loss (most know how that goes). However i will be bringing a shinny new M-stage to the meet. 


Speaking of which, I've seen some compare it to some really high end stuff and it actually stacked up quite nicely. Perhaps not AS good. But incredibly close, price point considered. Any one bringing some really high end amps, or have experience with them that would be interested in comparing and giving me their input on it? I really don't have a ton of experience with amps. And by not a ton I mean I own the E10 (which really isn't known for being a great amp) and the symetrix (which no one seems to have ever heard of). As well, does any one have some ultra power hungry phones that they wouldn't mind mind testing on it. Just to see how she handles? All i have is the HD 600, which is 300 ohms. Nothing small, but not nearly as demanding as some others. Thanks everyone.

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You can always try my K702's. They always seem to want MOARRR power. I'm sure there will be other power hungry beasts there too.

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Where are all the North & South Carolina Head-Fiers? Guys? These local mini-meets are, in most cases, the ONLY way to see, touch and listen to headphone audio gear, not to mention the added bonus of mneeting really cool people with similar interests.


I'm thinking a Sunday in January, the 13th, 20th or 27th from 10am to 4pm or whenever to last Head-Fier leaves. Any opinion on the dates?

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As of this moment in time, any one of those work for me. I'll have to double check a few things but i think im a go for that.

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yeah Sunday is cool with me.

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Any of those should work for me as well.
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Good for me also. Just picked up a pair of Beyer DT 1350's I'll bring along
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Originally Posted by Stevtt View Post

Good for me also. Just picked up a pair of Beyer DT 1350's I'll bring along

Ah nice, I look forward to hearing those.
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looks like there will be +1 HD650 at the meet as well lol...Sennheiser had a deal today HD650 + $50 iTunes card for $340 with free shipping...I had to jump on that. But who knows maybe I'll still be able to pick up a HE-400 before the meet. Hell, this forum makes me do unusual things with my cash.

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