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Technics RP-DJ1200A

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Does anyone know what the Impedance rating is of these headphones? Does anyone out there own these?

Panasonic/Technics, for some reason, do not show impedance ratings for any of their headphones. I also called Panasonic customer support and even they could not get this information!!

I know these are the so called dreaded "DJ" headphones, but these look really cool.
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That information seems impossible to find on the net... Chances are it's a low impendance (<60-Ohm) with high sensitivity. I say this because other DJ headphones typically follow this pattern:

Sony MDR-V700DJ and V900: 24-Ohm, 107dB/mW
Sony MDR-V6: 63-Ohm, 106dB/mW
Pioneer SE-DJ-5000: 55-Ohm, 105dB/mW

I have heard the Technics 1200 (headphones) out of a DJ mixer, and they seemed just as efficient as the V700DJ. I'm sure they'd be fine out of a portable.
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super low, it's about 30 ohms
and a simple pcdp can power those suckers very well
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Thanks guys.

I've been searching the net and I found one page that said they were 32 Ohms. Since they are a closed design, they are probably easy to drive,especially with an amp.
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um are they good headphones? sorry if im annoying anyone, im new to this website so im not really sure how it works :P

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They are really good... I have several sets of headphones and the Technics are my favorites, the ones I care the most. I have an old and bulky Technics stereo (2 belt turntables, CD changer, tape double cassette deck, radio tuner, 2 equalizers, amplifier and big dual-woofer speakers) and the only set of headphones that sound in my head almost exactly as in the big speakers is the Technics DJ1200A. With other headphones I have to make minor adjustments to sound "right" for my taste. With some other headphones the sound is not even close. I don´t use the DJ1200A's swivel feature at all and I don´t care if they don't have a microphone... I use the headphones when I have the time to seat in front of my stereo and want to listen to the music of my taste at moderate to loud volume. They are on-ear and hold on pretty well in MY head without any discomfort, however that might be different for every person. They come with a threaded 6.3 mm adapter gold plated which I always keep on (because I never use these headphones with MP3 player or smartphone)

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