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Another new buyer

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I am looking to get some in in ear headphones. I listen to mostly electronic music, more specifically house and dubstep. Price is not an issue. I have always purchased cheap earbuds and I am tired of them breaking. As such, durability is very important to me. Most of their use would be while walking to class. My earbuds in the past usually break in cord near the plug. 

As annoying as this may sound, the design is also important to me. I see headphones as both an accessory and a tool. As such I have been considering urbeats even though I know they are over priced for their quality.


Let me know if you need any more information.





PS: Why is that all of the better designs seem to come from the companies that are considered bad/overpriced? (ex: SkullCandy, Beats, Sol, etc)

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Check out the Westone 3. They sound really good with electronic and look pretty cool imo.

The reason you may think nice designs come from those "bad" companies is because that's what they're selling. In general, those companies are selling something cool, not something that sounds really good. Other companies focus more in sound than the image. Skullcandy sells "style" and other companies sell substance. A lot of people prefer style over substance.

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