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iPhone 5 case

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Hi people,


I have been using Clip+ and UM3X on the go. Recently I purchase an iPhone 5 and get a case. The earphone jack does not fit into the iPhone due to the case. I wonder if anyone tried those slim case as mention on the web and manage to the earphone jack insert fully and tight. I have google quite a number of iPhone 5 case, via visual on the monitor I really can't tell if it is going to fit the earphone jack. Thanks in advance. =)

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I purchased a Ringke soft touch slim iphone 5 case from Rearth (through amazon, but you can also buy from their own site for ~$10 and it's been great.  It has the same black colored soft but firm feel that Lenovo computers have, that gives a nice grippy feel to it.  Probably not the best case for people who drop their phone a lot as it is very slim without much padding, but perfect for me to protect the surface of the phone, provide a slightly raised bevel on the screen side, and give a better grip when holding it. 


There is plenty of clearance on the case on the bottom to allow me to connect the large 1/8" connector of my UE11 custome IEM's without any issue as well. 

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thank buddy! thats exactly what i am looking for! that case you mention was sweet at that price range. thank again 👍
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Try out Case Mate. Just got a case for my iphone 5 and had no issues with the out jack

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Bought my wife a nice plastic Gangnam Style case from a local Vietnamese restaurant for $7. Great purchase. Not sure if they are available somewhere online, I am sure he bought them in bulk somewhere and was just trying to flip them for a bit of beer money.

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Has anyone experienced problems with reception after putting a case on their iphone 5?  My friend got a fancy carbon fiber case for his iphone 5, which looks real nice, but he now cannot receive calls in his house!

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