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 After I just saw the short synopsis about the new audioquest 3 outlet power strip in the new stereophile on page 141, I purchased one from music direct.I hooked it up two days ago using it to power my emotiva airmotiv 5 active monitors.I am using emotiva iec power cords to power them.I used a newer harmonic tech ac-11 iec power cable to the audioquest power strip.The sound was bolder and more powerful and the strip extends the benefits of the harmonic tech cord to other components like the stereophile mini review suggested.It was certainly a lot better than the wire mold six outlet strip I was using (the strip has no surge suppressors to limit current draw or noise filtering which might alter things just a straight power strip in a good metal case).

  With the wire mold strip the best sounding outlet was the one closest to the wall at least IMHO.So I was using the closest outlets on my sources.Yesterday I moved the source components to the audioquest strip and the active monitors back to the wire mold outlet strip.Now things changed even more for the better with the former arrangement of the active monitors on the audioquest strip the sound seemed to be largely coming from between the emotiva active speakers with little if any sound from outside of the speakers outer edge.

 Now the sound definitely seems to be coming from beyond the outer edge of the the powered monitors and the soundstage has definitely improved.There is more depth and accuracy and the detail is more apparent on source material.

 I have to say that I am very pleased with the results not bad at all for about $35 us.

  One caviat though because the outlets are so closely spaced it will not accomodate three premium quality power cables I was only able to use the strip with two of my esoteric power cables (one a kubala sosna emotion cord on my peachtree decco 2 and the other a nodost brahma on my denon 3931ci universal player).I know this sound crazy because the power cords cost as much as or more than my source components but I had them already and was using them for other things but I was looking for the best possible results to access the capabilities of the power strip.

 I think the audioquest strip is a good way to get the best sound from a premium power cable and extend its benefits to other components.

 I highly recommend the audioquest 3-ec power strip and think it is a nobrainer purchase in general.

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