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Replacing Logitech G35, headphones+mic combo or headset?

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Hey peeps,


I've been using a Logitech G35 for almost a year now, and I couldn't be more dissatisfied with it. It produced extremely low quality sound (which I think was on purpose) when surround sound was set to off, and it was also the most uncomfortable thing I had ever used. The metal head band clamped on my head so hard, I always had a headache that wouldn't go away. Even my vision got blurred sometimes.


Two days ago, the inevitable happened, I broke the left ear piece while I was trying to widen the band by force. I wasn't upset by this, in fact I was happy. If I wouldn't break it by mistake, I'd certainly do it on purpose some day. I'm back to using my Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 now, which sounds surprisingly similar to G35 and is much more comfortable, but I need something better.


Gaming-wise, I don't really care about surround sound, stereo is enough for me. The same goes for movies, I'd rather watch them on my home cinema (which I don't have yet lol) if I wanted surround sound so badly. The most important thing for me is music. And of course, I need a mic as well (G35's mic was really good, and LX-3000's wasn't that bad either).


I can't decide whether I should go with a USB headset or a headphone + external mic combo. To be honest my experience with G35 made me lose my faith in gaming headsets, as it was considered the best one by many people. And if I choose the second option I'll probably have to get a sound card as well, which will make that option far more expensive.


Which option would you suggest? Would I'm willing to pay about 200-300$ for the second option (and I think I'd go as far as 400$, but only if I really have to), but I won't go further than 100$ for the first one. I've already paid that much and look where it got me :P

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While I am far from being an expert. I use the Audio Technica AD 700's and a logitech desk mic. They seem to be pretty good combo. The AD 700's are very light and does not clamp hard onto your head at all. They feel like a cloud softly caressing your head. If you wanted something closer to a clip on mic or a headset mic. I hear good things about the Antlion Mic.

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Thanks for the reply.


I skimmed through feedback for AD 700 in several websites and I haven't seen a single negative one. Comfortable, reasonable price, great cable length, and it's really easy to find. Exactly what I'm looking for! This only leaves the mic, and I guess I'll have to look around a little bit more.

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I'd definitely go with decent wired, stereo cans + mic vs any "headset"

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I've done some reading for the last couple of days, and now I'm absolutely sure about not getting a headset. I just have to decide whether I should go with Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 or Sennheiser HD 598. AD700's look more like an "introduction to hi-fi", and even taking a glimpse at pictures of HD 598 made me feel a headache. Every single review said that they're very comfortable, but I can't help but fear they'd press against the top of my head like G35 did, because the head part looks very much like G35's.


I guess I should see if I could find them in some store so I can test them on my head. But I'd appreciate any feedback from people that have used both headphones and had the same problem with G35 smile.gif

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I used to have the G35s until the vable was eaten by my dog. And I owned the G930 (which is on indefinite loan to my buddy). Both had 'ok' SQ in game but nothing to drool over. The only place they shined was in voip. But then i took a dive into the hifi scene and got some Audio Technicas A900 (the bassy big brothers to the AD700 you mentioned). Paired it up with an Asus Xonar STX and was blown away! Night and day difference between a good pair of stereo headphones and a "surround sound" headset. My only obsticle was the mic. I tried a Zalman clip on and hated it. Eventually I came across the 'mod mic'. I forget who makes it, just google it or type it into amazon. Runs for about $30 and has great SQ. Basically it is a detatchable boom mic that uses strong double sided tape to stick to your cans. I highly recommend the A900, STX, mod mic setup. Any of the Audia Technicas with the goofy wings headband are AMAZINGLY comfortable. I've done 12+ hour game sessions with forgetting they were even on. It will run you around $400+. But it is definitely worth the investment.
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Since I've been using headsets for the last 4 years I haven't had to use a sound card so I was a little bit out of the sound card scene. Back in the day we used Creative sound cards but I guess Asus has been gaining some ground lately, many people in many places have been recommending Asus Xonar. Since you've also mentioned it, I think I'll go with that. Thanks for the input.


I've read about modmic and it looks amazing, it has all the qualities I need, so I'll definitely get one.


I'll also do some reading on A900 as well. AT's don't look like they're going to hurt my head as their head pieces are open, so that's a big plus against HD 598.


I'm hoping to decide on what to get this weekend and hopefully place my orders. Again, thanks for the reply.

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I am in the exactly the same position as the OP. Just placed an order for a set of ATH-A700's and a modmix. Now I am looking at a Creative X-Fi titanium sound card to go along with it. 


One thing that popped up was the need for a desktop amp to go along with with my headphones. If I am only using them for gaming has any audiophile seen a benefit?

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