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hey guys, so i recently picked up a pair of used westone 2's. ive read they sound good without an amp, which i agree with. i chose to hold off on trying them with an amp until i was somewhat used to the sound signature. after a few days of listening, i plugged them into my starving student. now this amp has way way too much gain for sensitive iems. but, to my ears, the westones sound fuller, have better impact and bass response, and gain some detail. 


on to my question. id like to pick up a portable amp/dac combo. ive been looking at the ibasso d2+ and it seems like a good fit. i want to be able to plug into my macbook via usb, but also bypass the dac and just use the amp with a lod from my iphone. what do you guys think? (also, under 200$ would be ideal)

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