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Greeting guys, I'm currently looking for a headphones that suit my usage as what stated below. 


- My Rig: Laptop 
Type of usage: Gaming, Music, and Movie.. 
File format: Mp3, MKV 
Music genre: Neo Orchestral, Pop-Rock, Musical 
Budget:Roughly 250 +/- 
Headphone/ earphone type: cover whole ear 
Other requirements (if any): if possible, headphone with a nice design maybe ?


I now have few headphones in my mind but I couldn't decided which one of them best suit me. So, for those experienced user, any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Followed is the list of headphones that I have in mind. 


Superlux hd661

AKG K512mk2


Denon AH-D310
Audio-Technica ATH-XS5
Corsair Vengeance 1300
Thanks in advance.