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For Sale or Trade: Beginners Portable Upgrade Kit!

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$190 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale or Trade:
Beginners Portable Upgrade Kit!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Included in this "Kit" is an Ibasso T4, Hot Audio USB1 DAC, and a AmpCity Fortis V2 Solid braided Silver cable. 


This is surely going to upgrade your portable sound. Iv used it on the go and when im in class going from my laptop - USB1 - T4 - AmpCity - IEM and it sounds quite nice for such a small setup. For more of a portable when im on the go i just use iPhone - T4 - AmpCity - IEM. 


I put the USB1 in a Altoids smalls tin can for easier and smaller transport but will ofcourse include its original plastic casing which it can be put back into with very little effort, or i can do it if you request. 

I'll also include any other cables i have laying around that could be useful. I know i have a nice mini to mini i use to hookup my phone to the amp. 

I might also throw in a Fiio L9 LOD if your interested. 


Just to give you an idea on pricing of this equipment new: 

Ibasso T4 - $110 new 

Hot Audio USB1 DAC - $55 new 

AmpCity Fortis V2 - $220 new 

Fiio L9 - $20 haha 

So im looking to get under half of what it costed new. Which seems fair since it is all a little older and a new version of the amp and dac have come out over the last year. 


I am interested in trade. Looking for a good Whiplash LOD. Also very interested in a Leckerton Audio UHA-MKII and will gladly add cash on my end. 

Other than that just add offers, really only could say no. 


I also have a Beyer DT880 250ohm and Parasound AVC-2500u im trying to trade if your interested in those feel free to pm me. 

(Literally trying to get anything worth while for the Parasound AVC-2500u, its a shame a $3000 unit cant get any traction here on headfi)  

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