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I am going to buy a decent setup (headphones + amplifier + CD player) to properly listen to my beloved rock CDs.

So far, I was able to listen to these headphones only: Sennheiser HD650, Senn HD800, Grado SR1, all coupled with a Lehmann Audio Linear (in Italy it is very difficult to find a shop which has top-level headphones).

The two Senns left me unimpressed and in my opinion the 650 is “veiled”. But maybe the Lehmann is not the right amplifier for both.

The Grado is much more brilliant but also a little fatiguing.

I was stuck in doubt...


Two days ago I listened to a used Stax SR404 coupled with a Stax SRM3 amplifier (the price for both is € 500 + € 100 for new pads) and I really liked them.

I used these CDs:

- Paul Simon “Graceland” – original 1986 edition

- AC/DC “Back in black” – Japan 20p2 edition

I found the Stax to offer all the impact that the Senns lack but without any of the harshness of the Grado.


What are your suggestions?

I understand that one could say: “You need no advice: if you like it, go for it”...

However, your opinions would be welcomed.