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For Sale:
Audio-GD Master 6 inc. Shipping and PP fees **SOLD**

Will Ship To: CONUS

Looking for something to drive your HE-6, the Master 6 will do it.  I won't list the specs, or expound on how good or how versatile this amp is.  If you're looking you know all about it.   


Price is  including shipping via UPS ground in CONUS.  I'm on the east coast so if you're on the west coast you're going to be looking at 5 - 6 days for delivery.  Fair warning, it may take me up to 2 business days to ship.  This amp weighs a ton and I'll have to take a cab before work to a UPS store and have them do the packing and shipping.  Nice guy that I am, I'll also cover the PP fees.   That's right almost a third off, and I'm picking up shipping and pp fees.  Yes, this is a bargain.  


Why it needs a new home:  I've been using Decware CSP2+ & Taboo with DM945 speakers the last 6 weeks or so, and haven't used this beauty since.   


If you have any questions, hit me up.  

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