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Hello all,


I recently purchased the Q701 but I am looking for a suitable amp to drive it less than $300.  Within this price range I have come across the O2, the M-Stage, and the Asgard.  I have not been able to find much info on the A1 though.  Can anyone tell me about his pairing? E.g. if the A1 drives the Q701s properly, or what kind of effect it has on the sound signature?


To provide a bit of context: before I found out about the A1, I was pretty much just short of pulling the trigger on the O2 (or waiting for the ODA).  I like the can's sound signature (wide soundstage, light bass, "airy") and since the O2 is said to be very neutral and not add any coloration, it seemed like the natural choice.  On the other hand, I would say that overall the treble is a hair too bright for me, and bass and mids could use the slightest of boosts, but in the end I am not looking to add too much coloration or inject too much musicality from as they are. From my limited understanding of tube amps, one such as the A1 might do just that (or other tube amp suggestions), and if such a tube amp can do with without too much distortion/coloration while taming the treble and adding a little more bass/mids (i.e. a question of degree), I would switch my opinion from the O2. I say this because because I already have the Monster Turbine Pro Coppers and want to keep a stronger contrast from the MTPC's sound signature.


My sources: VBR ~ lossless; currently using Fiio e7 to power the cans (will keep e7 as a DAC for whatever amp I get and upgrade in the future, so no dac/amp combos at the moment).


Any thoughts, opinions, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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