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yeah, exactly, jabra bag seems very nice but  too small...


anker a3143 : 210 * 60 * 60 (in mm)

jabra solemate : 186 * 130 * 80


it miss 24 mm on the length only, it is ok for width and height.

But when i look to images of the jabra in the bag, it seems very large so maybe the 24 mm missing in length are in fact ok...


It should be nice if some one could make a try.


just for transport, i find these cases for the a3143 on amazon




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Thanks for the cases, they are awesome! I am also considering Anker SoundCore as it looks a little bit better (I am more tactical person than luxury, so the aluminium is plus for me). Hope it will sound at leas as good as A3143.

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Originally Posted by Stepan View Post

Thanks for the cases, they are awesome! I am also considering Anker SoundCore as it looks a little bit better (I am more tactical person than luxury, so the aluminium is plus for me). Hope it will sound at leas as good as A3143.

yep, for me the a3143 isperfect because i almost use it at home so don't need a very transportable speaker...


But give your opinio when you'll try the soundcore : very interested in the sound comparaison with the a3143

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Figured I'd post some fresh info. I did some digging and came up with. I'm DEFINITELY not the most knowledgeable guy when it comes to "sound science", but I listen to a ton of music so what the heck.


Anker SoundCore Sport XL 




and the pricier 



JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker





Obviously, you're never going to see a truly impressive sound from these things, but what I've noticed about lots/most of them is that they're tinny and have no fullness of sound. One other bluetooth speaker I recently returned was missing a low bass range entirely (tested with Gunship's Black Sun on the Horizon [Makeup and Vanity Set Remix] in case anyone is curious). 


I'm about to give the JBL a shot. We'll see if it gets returned...

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I'm in the market for a Bluetooth speaker or otherwise quite portable Bluetooth solution for up to 350usd. Problem is that it shouldn't be too heavy, otherwise I mightve gone with the Marshall Stanmore. Battery is a plus. Anyone who happened to have researched this? It would really help.
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I purchased the celia & perah p3 and love it..... i dont know if you can find it for under 300 though. I paid 275 in Taipei. 

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That is a great suggestion but I won't be able to purchase it. Thanks for replying though!
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Some things don't change... Bose is still looked down upon, and their headphones are way overpriced; but for what it's worth the Soundlink mini II and the Soundlink III aren't bad. They don't have great quality but they are surprisingly not distorted and loud for their size, they have good battery life and good bass at about 80% volume. Any more volume and the bass rolls off, any less and there's more bass than anything else (isn't a bad thing for a bass head, just be warned) If you're playing music by the pool and want long battery life, good volume, Bluetooth and not wired to the wall all the time, the soundlinks are a great option. They're easy to use as well. I have the Soundlink III (got it as a gift) and I personally bought the Soundlink Mini II for on the go music sharing. It's nice to share new music with other people too, even when a $300 pair of sennheisers or ATH's or beyers will have a lot more sound quality.
Both of the speakers can be wired via aux cable too if sound quality on a Bluetooth speaker is really that big of a deal.
I don't understand the hate for Bluetooth speakers, they serve their purpose. Ease of use, portable, don't need to have an outlet and can share music with a medium sized room halfway full of people
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If you want room filling good quality sound, then the Riva X is great - I have one after rejecting lower priced speakers. Really good sound for the size and price, Search this forum for the dedicated thread. It's smaller, more portable brother Riva S is also recently reviewed on this forum. Seems to also be great at a lower price/size point, but I haven't heard that one.  

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