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Best Bluetooth Speaker under $300?

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Hi guys!


I'm looking for the best sounding bluetooth speaker under $300.


I've been looking at these two but I have no idea what they sound like or if there's a better option:


Logitech UE Boombox:


Jawbone Big Jambox


I'm open to suggestions, thanks!

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Give this a look. There are videos on You Tube.


Good luck.

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Just be aware you will be giving up a lot of sound quality going with one of those bluetooth speaker boxes. You can get separate speakers that have better driver quality==better sound, and, if setup even halfway correctly, will give you much better soundstage and imaging.

Get some M-Audio BX5 D2 or KRK RP6G2 Rokit G2. Or for even better SQ, for a little bit over your budget, the Emotiva Airmotiv 4s.
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My wife and I were given a Jawbone JamBox Mini as a gift. It's only decent for cleaning around the house, or listening to music while in the shower. Perhaps even while camping. Other then that, I wouldn't ever use it.

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Another cool one I ran across. Carbon Audio pocket Speaker. $99.99 (in Apple retail stores) and has 4 drivers and 2 bass radiators. Can be used in left/right dual speaker mode if you pair two of them.

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Thanks everyone, I ended up with a Sony SRS-BTX300 and I couldn't be happier.

post #7 of 8 Have a look at these, you just need to add your own battery powered blue-tooth to 3.5mm dongle and yes it has been done and tested already on you can find in the reviews of the original metallic one, there is a guy that has done it and was quite happy with results. As far as I know if you go for the full 2.1 set up it is the only portable scalable system on the market. Since you have separate speakers you get actual left right separation (if using the correct cabling)


Found the review from the guy who liked which blue-tooth dongle he used apperanlty a Sony one.

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I realize bose is looked down on, on this site, but I really think the Bose Bluetooth Soundlink Mini is a fantastic portable speaker - easy to connect, excellent battery life, extremely portable (can fit comfortably in a backpack-messenger bag, and most of all the ability for that little box to fill a small room. For $199 msrp or ~$175 ish street price, I personally LOVE it.
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