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Best Bluetooth Speaker under $300?

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Hi guys!


I'm looking for the best sounding bluetooth speaker under $300.


I've been looking at these two but I have no idea what they sound like or if there's a better option:


Logitech UE Boombox:


Jawbone Big Jambox


I'm open to suggestions, thanks!

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Give this a look. There are videos on You Tube.


Good luck.

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Just be aware you will be giving up a lot of sound quality going with one of those bluetooth speaker boxes. You can get separate speakers that have better driver quality==better sound, and, if setup even halfway correctly, will give you much better soundstage and imaging.

Get some M-Audio BX5 D2 or KRK RP6G2 Rokit G2. Or for even better SQ, for a little bit over your budget, the Emotiva Airmotiv 4s.
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My wife and I were given a Jawbone JamBox Mini as a gift. It's only decent for cleaning around the house, or listening to music while in the shower. Perhaps even while camping. Other then that, I wouldn't ever use it.

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Another cool one I ran across. Carbon Audio pocket Speaker. $99.99 (in Apple retail stores) and has 4 drivers and 2 bass radiators. Can be used in left/right dual speaker mode if you pair two of them.

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