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entry level headset.

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Hello, I have been on the prowl for a decent headset to buy that I can use for travel (don't need to be collapsible). I'd prefer if they were closed back. I currently own and AKG k240 mk II as my main headset at home. I'd like to find something of equal or greater quality I'm currently hunting on Ebay so any names/ideas would be nice. i'm not looking for anything to fancy and i'm not a bass head.

Currently im watching an AKG 301, AKG k105, HD 555(will probably be out of my pricerange soon), HD 449, HD 495, EH 2270. IF any of these are complete junk please tell me so i can mark them off my list because they pop up alot

I forgot to mention my genre's i listen to pink floyd, the clash, greenday, some videogame scores, metal bands, lynyrd skynyrd, and some softer rock. occasionaly i stray to one or 2 exceptional mainstream songs but very rarely

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Brainwavz HM5


Beyer DT770 PRO

Sennehiser HD380 PRO

Shure SRH840


Very best,

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Brainwavz HM5 / Fischer Audio FA-003 / Yoga CD-880

KRK KNS-6400

KRK KNS-8400

Schure SRH840

Beyerdynamic  DT 770 (Get the 80 ohm version if you don't have an amp)

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. what are your views on those vs the krk 8400 and the 770? and how do the 6400's compare to the 8400s?

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Another vote for KRK KNS 8400s!

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